Message from Human Resources

Profound changes in today's information communication and a globalized world market eventually led to qualitative changes in the competition strategies of the businesses. Now it is time for a shorter span of time products circulate in the market, time for innovations at less interval and time for a business with an organisational and labour structure competent to give instant reaction to these changes. In a new centurey, Human Resources Department turns out to be a strategic unit capable of carrying out locating qualified labour and organisation and going beyond its classic tasks and offering a superior performance.

Human Resources Department will be capable of breeding a structure which either projects the corporate vision, basic targets and values or actively contributes to laying down them; injects the concept of integrity and loyalty; or shares out the information, increasing the participation and authorization, offers training which will ultimately develop skills; will take an active role in designing teams and works, and generate wage, performance and evaluation policies required for motivation based on its measurements of practices. Following universal governing principles of human resources should shed a guiding light in the functioning of this unit.

These principles are:;

• A meticilous eliticism in recruiting and a concept of highly qualified recruitments
• Expanding the ever-protecting scope of job security
• Increasing mutual participation and authorization
• Pulling down the number of hierarchical levels
• Picking up programs focusing on training and skill developments
• Promotion and rotation possibilites in the corporate environment
• Identifying and managing all proccesses
• A management style based on flexible employment
• Superiority of equal principles
• Emphasis on methods leading to constant motivation
• Measurement and evaluation of jobs done
• Equal sharing of information
• Working out a long-term perception and progressing in line with it